Optimum Polymer Technologies - Opti-Coat Application

With the introduction of Opti-Coat, long gone are the days of having to wax your car every few months to protect it from brake dust, bugs, sap and mineral deposits (often referred to as contamination.) Opti-Coat is a permanent transparent resin coating that increases scratch resistance. Imagine adding an additional harder layer of clear coat to a car thereby better protecting car surfaces from contamination. Opti-Coat allows car surfaces to shed debris making regular washes easier and decreasing the frequency that a car will need to be clayed.

Opti-Coat Permanent Paint Coating

Opti-Coat is a permanent paint coating that beads water and repels debris unlike any traditional carnauba wax or paint sealant. Opti-coat not only significantly reduces the amount of time needed to wash and dry a car, but it saves car owners hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the coating. (This treatment can only be performed after a Minor or Major Paint Correction.)

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