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Critical Details specializes in paint corrections and employs the latest industry leading tools and techniques. Swirl marks, scratches and water spots all detract from the paint’s shine and its reflections. Correcting a cars’s paint will restore the paint’s lost gloss, and depth of shine to a “like-new” condition.

The Rupes Bigfoot DA polisher is our go-to dual action polisher for removing paint defects. Rupes Bigfoot polishers have more correcting power than traditional DA polishers allowing for a higher percentage of defect removal. A Major Paint Correction is recommended for cars with moderate to heavy paint defects. Compounding is often required to remove more severe paint defects before the polishing stage can begin. Major Paint Corrections consist of two to three buffing stages to create a mirror finish.

    Rupes Bigfoot 15 DA Polisher        Rupes Bigfoot 15 DA Polisher    

The compounding stage removes heavy defects quickly and safely using a combination of high cut polish and buffing pads. Compounding should always be followed by at least one polishing stage to remove any compounding haze left behind. Polishes use smaller, more refined abrasives than compounds, and work nicely when paired with a low cut buffing pad. The third and final paint correction step is known as the jeweling stage. Jeweling consists of using a very low cut polish and a buffing pad with minimal cut, to create an even more refined paint finish. If a paint defect can be felt using a fingernail it will not be removed 100% during the paint correction process.

    BMW Paint Correction        BMW Paint Correction    

Minor Paint Correction

Starting at $300
Time required – 8+ hours

Single stage machine polish removes light swirls, scratches, oxidation and water spots from the paintwork restoring gloss. Machine polishing is performed in addition to a decontamination detail and removes 40% - 60% of paint defects.

Major Paint Correction

Starting at $500
Time required – 12+ hours

Our most thorough exterior detail treatment is designed for enthusiasts looking to take their car's appearance to the pinnacle of what premium car care can provide. Multiple (2-4) stage machine polish removes heavier defects from the paint work. Machine polishing is performed in addition to a Decontamination Detail and removes 80% - 100% of paint defects.

Before paint Polishing   After Paint Polishing

Remove unsightly swirl marks and scratches from your vehicle's paint. Schedule your Minor or Major Paint Correction today.

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