Alpine White BMW X5: Road Tar Removal - Saint Albans 05478

This Alpine White BMW X5 came in for an emergency Road Tar Removal. Every inch of the beautiful Alpine White paint was stained and cover in tar. The worst of the contamination was on the driver side of the vehicle and rear of the X5. After spending a few hours applying CarPro TarX multiple times the paint was finally ready to be washed.

Optimum Car Wash was used to pre-soak and wash the BMW X5 via a microfiber towel. After washing the paint CarPro IronX was applied to remove any rust blooms before applying Optimum Opti-Coat. After Applying CarPro IronX and CarPro TarX the paint was clayed using medium grade detailing clay. After spending the better part of the day decontaminating the X5 the paint was smooth as glass but still stained from the tar.

The Minor Paint Correction fully removed the worst of the tar stains on the Alpine White paint. Menzerna Final Finish was used on a white Lake Country buffing pad via a PCXP and Rupes 15 polisher. After spending numerous hours polishing, the paint and glass received a IPA wipedown prior to applying Opti-Coat and Opti-Glass. This Alpine White BMW will be looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor for years to come thanks to Optimum’s paint and glass coatings.

I would like to thank Autogeek for shipping a 5 liter bottle of TarX next day air and making this detail possible. For anyone who is looking for a great tar remover look no further than CarPro TarX.

Road Tar Removal

Tar and oils from a freshly paved road can stain a vehicle’s clear coat in a matter of hours. It’s important to remove the contamination using a dedicated tar remover such as TarX. TarX safely removes road tar from all exterior vehicle surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. The longer the contamination is on the vehicle the harder it will be to remove and may even cause permanent damage.

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