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Many factors come into determining how often a car needs to be detailed. Two major factors are the number of miles driven and if the car is stored in a garage. Every time a car's brakes are applied, tiny microscopic specks of hot metal are embedded in a car's paint. Over the course of time, the embedded brake rotor/brake pad material will start to rust. The orange spots that are painfully noticeable on lighter colored cars are commonly referred to as “rust blooms.”

Rust blooms form from below the paint's surface, leaving them out of reach for traditional decontamination methods. Clay bars and paint cleaners do a great job at removing bonded surface contamination but leave below surface contamination behind. At Critical Details we use CarPro - Iron X to safely dissolve and remove rust blooms from a car’s painted surfaces. Whenever applying a paint coating such as Optimum Opti-Coat, it is strongly recommended that Iron X be applied prior to coating the paint.

Unless a paint coating is being applied to the car’s paint, it is recommended that a Decontamination Detail be performed every four to six months. Paint coatings have a durability that is measured in years, while the durability of carnauba waxes and paint sealants are measured in months. Paint coatings are more expensive initially due to the labor intensive preparation and application required. However, over the course of a coating's life span, it will pay for itself and the required preparation work. A Minor or Major Paint Correction is required before applying Optimum Opti-Coat.

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