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Headlight Restoration & Opti-Lens Application

Starting at $75
Time required – 2 hours

Over time a car’s headlights become oxidized from UV damage and pitted from road debris. This damage is often referred to as “hazing” and significantly reduces the amount of light output causing night time and inclement weather driving to be more dangerous. Headlight restoration restores optical clarity increasing light output and can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of buying new headlights.

A car’s headlights come with a protective UV coating from the factory that slowly gets abraded away overtime. Salt, sand, and other abrasive roadway contamination effectively media blast a car’s headlamps until they be opaque. Whenever restoring a set of headlights it’s important to apply a protective UV coating to protect against future oxidation.

Regular carnauba waxes and paint sealants simply can’t compete with the long-term UV protection that Optimum Opti-Lens provides. After conducting a yearlong Opti-Lens test on numerous clients’ cars, not one of the headlights that Opti-Lens was applied to showed signs of fading. Even though Opti-Lens is a permanent headlight coating it can be abraded away by thousands of miles of driving in a similar way that the car’s original UV coating was slowly removed over time.

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Make nighttime driving safer by restoring your car's faded headlights. Schedule a headlight restoration with Critical Details today.

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