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Swirl Free Hand Wash

Starting at $35
Time required – 2+ hours

Our gentle hand wash will help keep car surfaces swirl free between correction details. Before the car’s paint is ever physically touched by the wash mitt or pad the paint receives foam pre-soak. Depending on the level of dirt and debris present on the car’s paint a foam gun or foam cannon is used. Foam pre-soaks help loosen and remove a considerable amount of contamination, helping to minimize the risk of wash induced swirl marks.

At Critical Details we treat every car as if it was our own and always employ the used of Grit Guards when performing a hand wash. Grit Guards are the second layer of defense against unsightly paint swirls and scratches. After each panel is washed with a carnauba wax and paint sealant safe car shampoo, the wash media is rinsed off in a separate bucket. It's crucial that separate wash and rinse buckets always be used to prevent washing with contaminated water.

Drying a vehicle’s paint is equally important when it comes to maintaining a Flawless Finish. We employ forced air to remove excess water from mirrors and moldings before drying the paint with premium microfiber towels. A fresh layer of matte tire protectant is applied to help give your beloved vehicle that freshly detailed look.

Purchase a weekly or bi-weekly hand wash plan and save up to 25%.

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