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Exterior Decontamination Detail

Starting at $150
Time required – 5+ hours

The car’s paint is first mechanically cleansed using a detailing clay bar or a decontamination towel. Both of these car detailing products are designed to safely remove embedded contamination from exterior surfaces. Once the bonded surface contamination has been removed from the paint, it’s now safe to begin the chemical decontamination process.

    Honda S2000 Clay Bar        KAIO Paint Cleaner    

An abrasive free paint cleaner is paired with a light cut polishing pad to remove below surface contamination. The mild abrasiveness of the white Lake Country buffing pad removes a tiny microscopic layer of clear coat when paired with the Rupes Bigfoot 15 DA polisher. This outermost layer of clear coat it often contaminated with any number of environmental and industrial contaminants (brake dust, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, water spots, etc).

Only after your car’s paint has a smooth as glass finish can the final layer of carnauba wax or paint sealant properly adhere. This leads to increased product longevity and helps you spend more time enjoying your car. Waxes or sealants that are applied to contaminated paint will not properly bond or yield the same level of shine as paintwork that has been properly prepared.

    Cadillac Escalade Bug Removal        Cadillac Escalade Bug Removal    

Restore your paint’s shine by removing embedded contamination by scheduling your car detailing appointment today.

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