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Exterior Protection Detail

Starting at $100
Time required – 3+ hours

On a daily basis, exterior vehicle surfaces are exposed to environmental and industrial contamination (Brake dust, bird droppings, tree sap, water spots, etc). Carnauba waxes and paint sealants act as a sacrificial barrier protecting vehicle surfaces from damage. It’s important to reapply additional layers of protection every two to four months in order to maintain maximum protection.

Paint sealants will offer a longer period of protection compared to carnauba waxes on daily drivers. If your car is a weekend cruiser that only gets driven a few thousand miles a year, both waxes and paint sealants will last significantly longer. We have seen paint sealants last upwards of a year on sports cars that are driven less than 5,000 miles a year and see little to no rain.

After the car has been thoroughly washed using the two bucket wash method, it is safely dried using forced air and premium microfiber towels. It’s time to start adding a fresh layer of protection to exterior car surfaces. A no-sling matte finish tire shine is applied to the tires. Exterior trim is restored and protected using Ultima Tire & Trim guard for a streak free finish. UTTG can stand up to countless car washes and rain storms before it starts to lose a little luster. Stainless steel exhaust tips will be polished using a dedicated metal polish and ultra-fine polishing wool. The car’s paint receives a fresh layer of carnauba wax or paint sealant to protect against the elements. To finish of the Exterior Protection Detail the car’s wheels receive a layer of hi-temperature wheel sealant to help make future cleaning easier. (This treatment can only be performed within 6 months of the last Decontamination Detail.)

Keep your vehicle’s paint protected from the elements. Schedule your Exterior Protection Detail today.

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