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Road Tar Removal

Starting at $75
Time required – 2+ hours

While freshly paved roads significantly reduce the amount of stress placed on a car’s suspension and steering components, when a car drives over fresh asphalt its exterior surfaces can be immediately covered with unsightly road tar. After a road has been paved, every time it rains the petroleum oils will leach out of the asphalt and end up on every imaginable car surface. After the bonded road tar has been removed from a car's paint, the oils from the asphalt often leave behind stains that are more visible on light colored paints.

Tar and oils from a freshly paved road can stain a car’s clear coat in a matter of hours. It’s important to remove the contamination using a dedicated tar remover such as TarX. CarPro TarX safely removes road tar from all exterior car surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. The longer the road tar is on the vehicle, the harder it will be to remove and may even cause permanent damage.

Once all of the bonded road tar has been removed, the car’s paint needs be cleansed using an abrasive free paint cleaner or an abrasive paint polish. Removing the outermost layer of a car’s clear coat will successfully restore the paint’s original color and shine. All Tar X applications include up to 500ml of product and any additional product required will be billed at $20 per 250ml of product. (Wheels and wheel wells can also be deep cleaned with Iron X upon request.)

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Remove fresh asphalt and road tar before it has a chance to harden on your vehicle’s paint. Schedule your Road Tar Removal appointment today.

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