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Rust Bloom Removal

Starting at $75
Time required – 2 hours

Iron X is an acid free PH balanced embedded brake and rail dust remover that safely removes below surface contamination. When Iron X comes into contact with iron particles (brake dust, rail dust), it will change color from clear to purple. If these contaminants are left unattended over time, they will cause a car's paint to rust from the inside out. These tiny rust spots are known as "rust blooms" and are especially visible on white and silver colored vehicles.

Since rust blooms form below the surface of the clear coat they are out of reach from clay bars and decontamination towels. Physical paint decontamination methods can only remove bonded surface contamination and leave behind and below surface contamination. Iron X works its way into the paint’s pores and dissolves ferrous metal deposits. After all of the rust blooms have been removed, the car’s paint receives a swirl free hand wash to remove any remaining Iron X.

Performance cars with large disc brakes and aggressive brake pads tend to require more frequent Iron X applications. Critical Details recommends having a Rust Bloom Removal performed once a year or every 12,000 – 15,000 miles. All Iron X applications include up to 500ml of product and any additional product required will be billed at $20 per 250ml of product. (Wheels can also be deep cleaned with Iron X upon request.)

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Don’t let your vehicle's paint fall victim to rust damage. Schedule your Rust Bloom Removal car detailing appointment today.

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