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Smooth As Glass - The Clay Bar Process

Every time that a new layer of protection is added or before the paint is polished, the clay bar process should be performed. The clay bar process removes embedded contamination from the vehicle’s paint that regular washing leaves behind. Typically a vehicle will need to be clayed every six months to keep it free of embedded contaminants.

Critical Details strongly advocates the use of detailing clay which is why we always recommend the Decontamination Detail to our clients. Unless your vehicle is a ‘garage queen’ that only gets driven a few times a year, it needs to be clayed. Applying a wax or paint sealant without claying the surface greatly reduces product durability and detracts from the overall appearance of the paint. Although the Decontamination Detail is more expensive initially, in the long run your vehicle and your wallet will thank you.

                                      Clay Bar Process

Decontamination Detail

Paintwork is chemically and mechanically cleansed removing embedded contamination (Brake dust, bird droppings, water spots, etc) leaving a smooth as glass finish. The decontamination process allows for the final layer of carnauba wax or paint sealant to better adhere to vehicle surfaces increasing product longevity.

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