Swirl Marks - Paint Correction

Swirl marks are made up of thousands of tiny surface scratches that reflect light in different directions and detract from the reflection of a car’s paint and overall appearance. If the swirl marks are severe enough they can change the color by several shades resulting in dull and lifeless car paint. Swirl marks are caused by improper washing and drying techniques.

Many production auto detailers use glazes to simply cover up and mask the appearance of swirl marks with filling products. These products look great initially. However after a few weeks the true condition of the car will appear. This is how they are able to charge a fraction of the true cost it takes to perform a paint correction. In order to properly remove swirl marks, a car’s paint must be mechanically polished which is often referred to as paint correction or reconditioning. Paint correction is typically performed in 1-3 steps (compounding, polishing, jeweling) based upon many different variables: paint hardness, severity of swirls, and owners desired level of perfection. After a car’s paint is corrected the flawless finish can last for years when proper washing and drying techniques are used on a regular basis.

Critical Details specializes in Paint Corrections and has the tools and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. This allows us to save you money and your car’s paint from permanent damage.

                                  Paint Swirls

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