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Interior Rejuvenation Detail

Starting at $150
Time required – 5+ hours

From the carpet, to the headliner, every inch of the car’s interior is meticulously detailed. The carpet, floor mats, and cloth upholstery are cleaned using a Mytee HP60 hot water carpet extractor to ensure the deepest level of clean is achieved. Leather seats are gently cleaned using a low moisture vapor steam cleaner and a microfiber towel. The power of steam is also used to safely clean the car’s headliner preventing over saturating the fabric and avoiding potential damage.

Plastic and vinyl surfaces are cleaned using an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber towel. After the excess all-purpose cleaner has been removed, steam is used to rid the interior surfaces of any remaining APC residue. The high-temperature (310F) of the steam also helps kill germs and eliminates odors from a car’s interior surfaces. Once the plastic, leather, and vinyl surfaces have been dried, a low sheen interior protectant is applied.

All 75PSI of the vapor steam cleaner is harnessed to clean every nook and cranny of the door jambs. The high-pressure allows for dirt and debris to be removed from places that are normally reserved for cotton swabs. Doors seals, seams, springs, hinges, etc are all thoroughly cleaned using a combination of APC and high-pressure/high-temperature steam. It’s important to remove road salt and other harmful contamination before unsightly corrosion starts to form in the car door seams.

Every car’s interior is different and the variety and quantity of contamination present is unique. Many factors determine how much time a car's interior will require to clean and ultimately how much the detail will cost. cars that are regularly used to transport children and or pets tend often have a few hidden 'surprises' in the cup holders or under the seat. Food and beverage stains require extra cleaning products and extractor passes to ensure they are removed. Excessive pet hair requires the use of rubber gloves and brushes to help dislodge embedded hairs from carpet and cloth upholstery.

Even the type of floor mat that is used can help determine how long a detail will take. All-season rubber floor mats are a must in Vermont especially during winter and the mud season. High-quality rubber floor mats like the WeatherTech FloorLiners protect a vehicle's carpet from every day wear and tear. Fabric floor mats that have heavy road salt stains and or sand often require additional time to clean. I have been using rubber floor mats in my daily drivers for over a decade and have never looked back.

    Before Interior Car Detailing        Pet Hair Removal    

There are far too many factors when determining the cost of an Interior Rejuvenation Detail sight unseen and final quotes will be given after vehicle inspection. Please remove all trash prior to dropping your car off at Critical Details to help avoid additional costs. Personal belongings will be removed from all storage compartments and door panels and placed in plastic bags. The inside of the center console and glove compartment are cleaned during every interior car detail performed at Critical Details. The vehicles featured above are examples of heavily contaminated interiors that can require upwards of 10 hours to fully clean.

Schedule your Interior Rejuvenation Detail today and make you car’s interior a friendlier and healthier place to be!

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