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On average Americans spend one hour a day commuting to and from work. Once you factor in a few errands or picking the kids up from school, one can easily spend ten hours a week in their car. Our Interior Rejuvenation Detail will make every minute spent driving even more enjoyable. Not only will your car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor but it will smell like a new car too.

    Interior Car Detailing        Interior Car Detailing    

Critical Details employs both low vapor steam cleaning and hot water extraction when cleaning a car’s interior. Low vapor/high pressure steam is great for cleaning automotive leather, interior plastic, and headliners. When it comes to cleaning a vehicle’s carpet, floor mats, and cloth upholstery, a hot water extractor is crucial. Steam cleaners are not capable of producing enough water flow to effectively flush carpet fibers and dislodge dirt/debris. After our two part hot water extraction process (traffic lane cleaner & acid fiber rinse) is complete, the carpet is dried using a 3000+cfm air mover to help decrease the dry time.

    Interior Car Detailing        Interior Car Detailing    

Cars that are suffering from pungent food, gasoline fumes, mold, or smoke odors may require the application of So2Pure. Even after a car’s interior is steam cleaned and a hot water extraction is performed, faint traces of the offending odor can remain. So2Pure is a light activated odor eliminator that keeps your car’s interior cabin smelling fresh for up one year.

Critical Details recommends that clients have their car’s interior detailed at least once every six months (depending on driving conditions). We also offer a Quick Interior Detail service that refreshes a car’s cleanliness between Interior Rejuvenation Details. Heavily soiled cars require extra time to properly detail and final detailing estimates will be given after vehicle inspection.

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