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Interior Odor Elimination

Starting at $75
Time required – 2 hours

So2Pure is an air purifying coating that decomposes odors on a molecular level using the latest in photo catalyst technology. Actively cleaning interior surfaces for up to one year with a single application So2Pure is non-toxic and odorless making it ideal for allergy sufferers who are sensitive to certain smells.

    So2Pure Odor Elimination        So2Pure Odor Elimination    

In the presence of light So2Pure creates active oxygen molecules that eliminate odor causing contamination on contact. Odor causing food, gasoline fumes, mold, and smoke molecules can still remain in a car’s interior cabin after performing an Interior Rejuvenation Detail. Odors can remain in the foam padding of a car’s headliner after completing a detail. The foam headliner padding cannot be safely cleaned using traditional cleaning methods of products and requires the use of So2Pure to eliminate odors. After a car’s interior has been thoroughly steam cleaned So2Pure is applied to fabric surfaces. The headliner, cloth upholstery, floor mats, and carpet are all coated to help fight foul odors throughout the interior cabin.

The best part of So2Pure is that there is no cloud of artificial fragrance lingering in your car's interior. There is a very slight product scent that is present during the first few hours after the initial product application. How long So2Pure will actively fight odors depends upon how much UV light your car’s interior is exposed to on a daily basis. Cars with tinted windows and/or are stored in a garage may experience extended product longevity.

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Critical Details recommends against the use of sun shades for the first few days after the initial application of So2Pure to allow for maximum light exposure. This is to help accelerate the interior odor elimination process and destroy odors that may be trapped in a car’s porous materials. (This treatment can only be performed after an Interior Rejuvenation Detail. In some cases the source of the odor cannot be fully elimited using normal detailing methods.)

Don’t just cover up unpleasant interior cabin odors. Schedule your Interior Odor Elimination and breathe a little easier.

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