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Quick Interior Detail

Starting at $75
Time required – 2+ hours

At Critical Details we encourage our clients to take a proactive approach when it comes to car detailing. The Quick Interior Detail is perfect for vehicle owners who want to keep their car’s interior looking showroom new on a regular basis. Regular cleaning of leather car seats is essential to extending the life and preserving their color. Every time a car occupant sits on a contaminated leather seat, the dirt and debris are grinding the finish on a microscopic level. The wear and tear that occurs on a daily basis from sitting on contaminated leather seats is minute. However the damage caused to the leather from everyday wear and tear can really add up over time.

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A majority of modern automotive leather has a clear protective coating applied over the color coat. Once the leather’s clear coat has been abraded away the color coat becomes exposed to the elements and begins to fade. Regular cleaning of leather seats can help prevent costly upholstery repairs in the future and maintain a car's re-sale value. Performing multiple interior maintenance details throughout the year can help avoid the build up of excessive contamination and avoid any potential heavy contamination fees on your next car’s Interior Rejuvenation Detail.

The car’s interior cabin and trunk are thoroughly vacuumed removing dirt and debris. Plastic, leather, and vinyl surfaces receive a fresh layer of matte finish interior protectant. No interior car detail would be complete without crystal clear glass. We clean both the interior and exterior glass in order to leave you with a clear view of the road ahead. (This treatment can only be performed after an Interior Rejuvenation Detail.)

Get that showroom new look and fresh scent for a fraction of the price. Schedule your Quick Interior Detail today.

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