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Are you looking for interior & exterior car detailing near Burlington, VT? Critical Details has been providing premium car detailing services for clients living throughout the Champlain Valley for five years running. Whether you are looking for a Swirl Free Hand Wash or a Major Paint Correction, we have the perfect car detailing package for you and your car.

At Critical Details, we provide unparalleled attention to detail for discerning clients. Every car is pampered with the finest car detailing products while using industry leading tools and techniques. Our goal is to rejuvenate each client's car above and beyond its original show room shine, while protecting all surfaces from the elements and future contamination.

When we say all car surfaces are protected we mean it! When performing an exterior detail even the car’s license plates are removed to clean and protect every accessible inch of paint. High pressure steam is used to clean dirt and debris from between the seat bolster and center console when detailing a car’s interior. Our most popular detailing package consisting of an Interior Rejuvenation Detail and an Exterior Decontamination Detail which typically takes 10 to 14 hours (depending on the vehicle size). The level of contamination that is present on and in the car also plays a role in determining the cost of what a detail will be. A Major Paint Correction and Opti-Coat Application can take upwards of 20 hours to complete.

Premium Auto Detailing near Burlington, Vermont

We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to car detailing. This allows us to focus on the details that are often overlooked during production detailing jobs. Critical Details recognizes that every car has different detailing needs. This is why we custom tailor our car detailing approach based upon each car's level of contamination while matching our clients' expectations. This allows us to deliver outstanding results with each and every detail we perform.

Car Detailing Burlington A minor paint correction or Major Paint Correction can help restore gloss and deep reflections by removing paint defects from a car, truck, or SUV’s paint. Whenever a car’s paint is improperly washed, dried, or wiped there are tiny micro scratches known as ‘marring.’ These micro scratches are left behind and over time these blemishes build up on a car’s paint and form swirl marks and random isolated deep scratches. The only way to permanently remove these unsightly paint defects is through mechanical compounding, polishing, and jewelling via a dual action orbital or rotary polisher.

Car Detailing Burlington Dual Action polishers such as the Rupes Bigfoot have a large 15mm and 21mm orbit which allows them to offer a greater level of correction. Traditional DA polishers max out at 8mm which means that they cover roughly 2.0 – 2.5 times more surface area during each compounding or polishing pass. Large orbit DA polishers have helped bridge the gap between traditional DA polishers and the high-powered rotary polisher. DA polishers will bog down and stop rotating if too much force is applied when polishing a car’s paint. This is not the case if too much pressure is applied when using a rotary polisher.

Car Detailing Burlington Paint holograms which are often referred to as ‘buffer trails’ are a telltale sign of improper rotary paint buffing. There are two distinct buffer trails left behind on this car’s paint that are highly noticeable in direct sunlight. There are far too many variables to consider when determining how the buffer trails were installed. The one thing that will always remain constant is that holograms aka buffer trails will always be installed by a rotary polisher. A rotary polisher in an inexperienced detailer’s hands can wreak havoc on a car’s paint! DA polishers are incapable of inflicting this type of damage due to their off axis orbit.

At Critical Details we always start with the least aggressive approach first. This is why we always start by performing a test spot with a Rupes Bigfoot DA polisher. The different combinations of polisher, buffing pad, and polish is seemingly endless and it’s important to start at the bottom and work your way up. There is a finite amount of clear coat on every car and we strive to remove as little as possible while meeting the client’s expectations.

Once a car’s paint has been corrected the level of gloss and the depth of reflection will be greatly increased. This beautiful Subaru Red Garnet Pearl paint has a seemingly endless depth of reflection post paint correction. We strongly recommend applying a paint coating such as Opti-Coat to a car’s paint to seal in the shine and help make future maintenance washes easier. Paint coatings form a super hydrophobic surface on the paint which helps shed dirt and debris unlike traditional car care products. Exterior painted surfaces will stay cleaner for a longer period of time reducing the amount of contamination that builds up on a weekly basis.

Car Detailing Burlington Car Detailing Burlington  Look at the deep reflections in this 2005 Subaru Outback's paint after performing a paint correction.

Exterior Car Detailnig Burlington, VT

Did you know that oils from Carnauba waxes can actually cause dirt, dust, and pollen to stick to a car’s paint? Polymer paint sealants tend to trap less environmental contamination floating in the wind compared to most car waxes. Paint coatings such as Opti-Coat are the ultimate level of protection for a car’s paint when it comes to shedding everyday contamination. The durability of paint coatings is measured in years not months like car waxes and paint sealants.

Glass coatings such as Opti-Glass blow traditional windshield coatings out of the water so to speak. The performance and durability of glass coatings is far greater than that of over-the-counter car detailing products that have been available for years. At highway speeds, water effortlessly rolls off the windshield. This greatly reduces if not completely eliminates the use of the wipers in inclement weather. One application of Opti-Glass lasts up to 12 months on the windshield and even longer on non-forward facing glass.

Installing paint and glass coatings requires a large amount of surface preparation work to ensure that the coating will properly bond. Every surface must be meticulously wiped down with isopropyl alcohol after all paint and glass polishing has been performed to ensure that no residue is left behind. Paint and glass coatings cost more initially but can save vehicle owners countless time and money over the lifetime of the coating.

Critical Details is conveniently located just 2 miles from I-89 in St. Albans, Vermont 05478, 30 minutes outside of Burlington, VT 05401. We provide premium auto detailing services for Chittenden and Franklin counties. Standing behind all of our work, while guaranteeing complete satisfaction is our promise to you.

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